Engagement Photography in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Engagement Photography Session in Old Town Alexandria Virginia

Ron and Ashley’s engagement session

Ron and Ashley, arrived at eight o’clock in the morning for their engagement photography session in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. We decided to walk along the waterfront in Old Town, Alexandria. The sun was already rising high over the marina.

Ron and Ashley were adorable together as a couple, and they dressed appropriately for the photography session. Ron’s fedora hat added a fun style to his look. His red Tom’s really popped. Ashley, with her great figure, wore a form-fitting, above-the-knee, Robin’s-egg-blue dress. She reminds me of super model Tyra Banks. Her makeup was very well done in advance. Thank you Ashley!

The engagement session

Fun shots in front of Old Town’s architectural doors and brick walls made this session fun and successful. Old Town Alexandria, Virginia is a great place for lifestyle photography. Painted brick walls, architectural doors, decorated sidewalks and painted doors… Wales Alley at the 100 block of South Lee provides “insta shots”. This is a popular place for photographers. Review the Ultimate Instagram Guide for Old Town to get some ideas for shooting locations.

I overcame not having an assistant to hold a reflector by being aware of light dappling through the trees. To keep things as soft as possible, I used a 70-200 mm lens with a shallow depth of field. The use of a flash obtained nice fill for shadows.


Have coffee and talk over some pre-shoot questions. Details are important. Where they met… What they like to do for fun… Where they work, etc. Try not to be too serious and don’t let small technicalities get in the way of having fun with your clients.

The early morning light is the most beautiful light.

Jasmine Star’s “What Time to Shoot an Engagement Shoot” article is informative. For the Old Town waterfront area, be prepared to start photographing at sunrise or change your time to an afternoon golden hour photography session. Getting up and getting ready for a photography session by sunrise may not be put people in their happy places if you know what I mean.

An alternative would be to use professional strobes that are strong enough to overpower the sun. Whatever you decide, ensure your clients are engaging with you on time and options. Additional equipment may require permits depending on where you are photographing. You need to view the city’s website for photography rules and permit information. The more equipment you show up with, the more likely you will get asked for a permit. Permits may be purchased at the Alexandria courthouse located on King Street. Review Virginia’s photography permits and information.

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