National Arboretum Moonrise over the Capitol Columns

Moonrise National Arboretum

This beautiful image was taken at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC. I attended photographer Marie Jobar’s “Moonrise Over the Capitol Columns” class on location at the National Arboretum in Washington, DC.

I love Marie Jobar. She is real, and she is an awesome lady. I have taken classes with her for more than a year now. I highly recommend her business, Capital Photography Center. This particular class was one of my favorites, and I am super pleased with what I learned and achieved with my camera on this shoot. Thanks Marie! See you in a future class!

The drive to the National Arboretum was easy from home in Alexandria, Virginia into DC. I drove down into DC to this fantastic location and monument site. I hopped out of the SUV, and realized I had left home without my camera. Tripod… Camera bag… cold weather jacket were all there. But, no camera. Seriously amateur move. My heart was sinking, and I did not want to miss this opportunity. Deep breath… intense determination… I made it home and back with the gear I needed. That was a stressful start

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