Washington DC Cherry Blossoms, 2021

DC Photographer Cherry Blossoms

It is 2021, and I am not planning to go downtown to Washington DC to photograph the cherry blossoms this year. I think the last year stunned my desire to ride the Metro downtown. Plus, I am not exactly clear on what the rules are this year. Parking is always a bitch. I will be sitting this one out.

On a more positive note, for anyone planning to make the trip downtown, I am providing my notes. Would appreciate anyone willing to add to these notes by commenting. My cherry trees bloomed yesterday in Alexandria, Virginia. In a few more days, the blooms downtown will be beautiful as always. Hope your experience this year brings you joy and beautiful images.



Useful links:

A photographer’s session and article by Pamela Kay:


Interesting article on Reddit:


Photographer’s Pandemic Advice, blog article written by Pamela Kay:


Cherry Blossoms Watch IG account:


Article about the Cherry Blossom Festival:


Information about suggested meeting place:

Paddleboat rental place station at 1501 Maine Ave SW in Washington DC 20024


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