Photography Walk in Georgetown DC

Walking in Georgetown, DC

Georgetown area of DC is a fantastic way to spend the morning. I highly recommend getting out early, having a great cup of coffee and walking this neighborhood.

My old orange Caden photography backpack took me many places

Canon shooters, a few things …

Test out your 70-200 mm here. This is a fantastic lens to use in on the streets and around the Canal area. I carry a Canon 5D Mark IV camera. I know and love this camera well. I recently purchased a lower profile Lowepro camera bag. I like this one much better than the last because it is smaller but more functional for street photography. You will be in good company as a photographer in Georgetown. Photographers setting up for shoots with lighting equipment were seen along my morning walk. How inspiring!

Parking in Georgetown

Park near Peet’s Coffee on M Street. Be considerate to the people who live around there and find a spot that does not look like it’s in front of someone’s house. Peet’s Coffee on M Street is a beautiful coffee shop. My favorite Irish Wolfhound, Beastie, is usually there with his adorable people. I love dogs. Some of the the most beautiful dogs can be seen in and around DC’s neighborhoods. 

Canal street in Georgetown

Canal Street has incredible views. Walkers, skateboarders, lovers and photographers! This is a great place. Use MapAPic for all the great spots you see that you want to revisit.

Beastie the Irish Wolfhound in Georgetown
Beastie the Irish Wolfhound in Georgetown

Coffee shops …

Oh, I love coffee and interesting coffee shops. Walking toward the water, I had to stop at Bluestone Lane. This place has character and and a good menu. A must visit again place. There is plenty of open-air seating overlooking the canal. Recommend the Berry Ice Tea. Oh, and the lighting in this place is phenomenal.

Make sure you walk down to the Georgetown Waterfront Park. The early morning sunrise in this area can be harsh if you wait too late in the morning. The water and the views make this an awesome shoot location. Georgetown is pretty strict about professional shoots. Tripods may be an issue. Just saying!

There are lots of joggers in the Canal Street area. It is a wonderful place to walk.


Georgetown is a fantastic location for street photography, family photography, engagement or wedding— Anything!

Georgetown Water Park
Georgetown Water Park in Georgetown, DC

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