Senior Photography Session in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Quinn McCarty at Le Pain | Senior Shoot

Senior Photography Session

The senior photography session with Quinn in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia was fun. Zach referred Quinn to me. Quinn and I photographed together over two separate mornings.

I went to Quinn’s home to meet her parents on our first morning together. I walked her parents through how the session would flow and answered any questions they had. Quinn has a beautiful family, and I appreciate the fact that they have confidence in my ability to photograph Quinn.

Quinn and I started the morning in her local gym. The lighting in the gym was terrible, as expected. Thankfully, Quinn is a patient person. I learned a lot from this experience, and I know Quinn had fun too. The gym personnel were super nice. Quinn is a regular member.

Senior Photography Session | Old Town Alexandria, Virginia
Senior Photography Session | Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Quinn’s goal upon graduation is to work as a physical trainer. I think she will be very good at this. She loves going to the gym, and she loves helping people. She is fun to be around and really easy to talk to.

Our second morning together was more relaxed with a quick trip to Old Town Alexandria, Virginia. Within a few minutes of walking, we discovered some great locations. I gravitate toward Old Town Alexandria, Virginia because it is one of the most charming places I have ever been. There are so many beautiful backdrops and alleys that make great photography. Clients are never disappointed when photographing here.

Finishing the Session

Finally, coffee at Le Pain Quotidien on King Street finalized our morning session together. The photographs of Quinn in Le Pain bakery turned out to be some of my favorites. The afternoon lighting was beautiful.

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