Senior Photography Shoot in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Senior Photography Shoot in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia with Zach

This senior photography shoot in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia was a blast. Zach showed up right on time at 7:30 AM on the first morning. Zach had a grey beanie hat on, and a red-and-black flannel button-down shirt layered over a mauve-looking tee. I think someone mentioned he was also doing a ‘no shave November’ thing.

Although not your typical professional picture day style, Zach’s casual look ended up being perfect for a Fall morning senior shoot in Old Town Alexandria. This experience was stress-free because Zach kept an easy-going attitude, and he was willing to spread the session out over several days.

On day two of our senior shoot, Zach came prepared with a new blue blazer, LaCrosse sporting equipment and his school jacket. We produced some great professional shots that will come in handy for Zach’s job hunting or social media. The shot of Zach standing on the Mount Vernon High School football field with his LaCrosse equipment will be a treasure for years to come.


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