Anxiety and Panic Attacks – Use the 5 Second Rule

I highly recommend getting to know Mel Robbins. She speaks about how to quickly deal with anxiety or a panic attack using a subject called “5 Second Rule“. 5 Second Rule is a concept created by Mel for dealing with sudden anxiety or panic attacks. You have to watch her videos on this because she really explains it better than I could ever write about it. You just have to trust me on this please.

This particular subject really speaks to me. If you have ever suffered from anxiety like I have (do), this is something you will definitely want to read. I spent a Virginia snow day watching the entire Creative Live course, “How to Break the Habit of Self Doubt and Build Real Confidence” by Mel Robbins. After the course, I searched for her videos on YouTube and watched about ten more from her various speaking engagements. Mel speaks in depth about how to quickly deal with an oncoming anxiety or panic attack in this online course offered by Creative Live. She speaks about so much more as well; however, this really was key for me to share. Creative Live is an entirely different subject that I need to write a separate post about, because this site is awesome! Love it. 

I am all about refilling my own tank with inspirational sources and volunteer opportunities. Sometimes it just helps to know you are not alone. For many years, I thought panic attacks were just going to remain a way of life. Thankfully, they happen rarely for me now; about once a month, arghh… Again, this blog is not about this subject, so I will not go there.

I look forward to hearing from you. Mel Robbins seems spot on in her technique for dealing with anxiety or panic attacks. As a result of finding her, I feel I need to share the love. Sharing.

Pamela Kay

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