Street Photography at Blagden Alley

Mural of Elizabeth Taylor

Blagden Alley and the LOVE mural

One of the best places in DC to start your street photography is Blagden Alley. I found Blagden Alley and the LOVE mural one morning while searching around for a restaurant. I found myself right smack in the middle of Blagden Alley. Blagden Alley is a place worth finding if you like art, street photography, murals, coffee, restaurants, or just hanging out. Start here for information about this area.

Blagden Alley is artful with murals painted on walls and garages. This location is rich with history dating back to the Civil War. La Colombe Coffee is right next door to the Tiger Fork restaurant and right across from the LOVE mural. La Colombe Coffee was once a horse stable during and following the Civil War. 

Artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s LOVE mural

I felt lucky to find this little artistic spot on the planet. Artist Lisa Marie Thalhammer’s “LOVE” mural is one of several murals in this alley. It is apparently one of the top Instagram locations in DC. Who knew besides the entire Internet? The actual address for this location is Blagden Alley at 926 Street Rear NW in Washington, DC. You can not see it from the road, so you will have to explore a bit until you find it on foot. Follow your instincts and head into the alley.

Dacha Beer Garden

This is a cool spot for street and mural photography with many more murals along the route toward historic U Street. Watch for the giant mural of Elizabeth Taylor on the wall of Dacha Beer Garden which means you are headed in the right direction. This cafe looks pretty cool with its rooftop cafe and a giant mural of Elizabeth Taylor on the side of the building. Hip and dog-friendly and,  yes, another top Instagram location in DC.

Ben’s Chili

After photographing murals for hours, the last mural stop for me was the exterior wall of Ben’s Chili. Ben’s Chili is another DC famous IG worthy spot. They have been in business since 1958.

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