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Times Square

Photographing people in the New York City Subway

New York City Subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan area of New York City took about 30 minutes from the starting point of Fort Hamilton. Every time you choose the subway, you will experience something new. Respect the privacy of others when you take photographs. Carry only what you think you will need. Be smart. Don’t carry expensive-looking bags. Street photography requires that you fit in to the environment around you. Riding the subway is easy. Maps are clearly marked. Apps are available for your phone.

I chose to take my Canon Mark IV camera. The Mark IV is my favorite camera at the moment. I love the features available on the Mark IV. It is a perfect camera for street photography. One of my favorite types of photography is street photography. It needs to be experienced to be understood. If you love photography and plan to take your photography seriously, I recommend the Mark IV. Go with a friend if you are not familiar with the area.

I personally think it seems a bit rude to have a camera pointed at someone in a close space. The subway is a location where you should be respectful and polite of others around you. Know your camera settings well. This will allow better photographs.

Man on the Metro from Brooklyn to Manhattan

People are fascinating. I attempt to capture them in a way that tells a story. This man was mumbling to himself softly while looking at his phone. I was really curious.

Photographing in Little Italy, New York City

Dinner was at Sofia’s in the Little Italy area of New York City. This video shows what it is like to walk the main street of Little Italy. I recommend going in the evening for dinner for the ambiance. The entire area changes as evening falls. The white tablecloths go on. Candles are lit. Little Italy is worth taking time to explore on foot. Sofia’s was a nice restaurant to sit outside and people watch. Beautiful people everywhere and incredible food. Yes, this is just like Italy!

NYC Little Italy Audrey mural

This mural, titled “Audrey of Mulberry”, was created by artist Tristan Eaton. The mural is across from Sofia’s restaurant in Little Italy. It is a popular location for Instagram posts.

Readers know I can not resist a mural. I use MapAPic to document where I am. Read about DC’s street photography experience in my recent blog post titled “Blagden Alley Street Mural Photography“.

Mural in Little Italy – “Audrey of Mulberry”

Photographing people around New York City

You must take the time to visit New York City. It is a street photographer’s dream. The city is alive and vibrant. Everywhere you look, there is something to photograph. Interesting people are everywhere. I could go on and on here. I can’t wait to return and visit Chinatown.


You must visit New York City if you love street photography. This city is everything you read about and does not disappoint. Time flies as you are walking around New York City. There is no shortage of material to photograph. Wear comfortable shoes to walk in. Every step and every picture will be worth it. This experience is a welcome diversion.

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