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Golden Family

Family photography sessions are rewarding. They are challenging. As a photographer, you must prepare. Elena S. Blair’s course on lifestyle family photography inspired me and helped me to prepare for my first family session. Thank you Elena. I recommend watching her course if you are interested in photographing families. I enjoyed photographing this beautiful family and used Elena’s advice. The session went great, and I learned a lot.

Family photography session in Alexandria, Virginia
Capture a family doing what they normally do on a Saturday morning together. They will treasure these photographs.

Photograph using available light

Visit the home before the day of the shoot. See what the lighting situation is. Lighting always changes due to weather, but getting an idea of what you will be working with will save you from hauling more equipment than you need on the day of the actual session.

Photograph using available light. You may have to look around and, hopefully, you have already talked with the family to make sure they are okay with you moving around the house freely. I discovered pretty and soft diffused light coming through one of the children’s bedroom windows. I took advantage of this light while interacting with the girls. Look for the available light, and use it to your advantage. I was in the living area most of the time. There was a large window that provided a good amount of available light to use. Since there was a couch right in front of this window, I had to move it a bit. Don’t be afraid to ask if you can move things around if you need to.

Get down on the floor

Family photography session in Alexandria, Virginia
Get down to the child’s level, and you will capture better photographs.

Children play on the floor. This is usually where their toys are. Get down on their level, and you will capture better photographs. Children become more comfortable with you and the camera.

Wear comfortable clothes. Make sure your clothes can move easily with you. Be comfortable working around dogs. Dogs will run up to you and knock you over or lick your camera. You will get dog hair on your clothes. Loving dogs is helpful if you are a photogrpher!

Get outside and photograph

Get outside and photograph. Children love going outside, and their personalities really shine outdoors. This is also a break for mom who is feeling a little stressed with a photographer inside the home taking photographs. It also allows you, the photographer, to capture some moments between mom and dad. I recommend going outside at the end of your photography session. Then, you can say your goodbyes and prepare to leave. Families with small children are very very busy. They have things to do. Limit the family photography session to approximately two hours so you do not wear out your welcome.

Family photography session in Alexandria, Virginia
Children really love being outside. Parents love it too! Take advantage of outside time.


Family photography is fun and challenging, and it takes patience. Pamela Kay Photography is about lifestyle and branding photography for entrepreneurs and small business owners. I love all types of photography. Photographing families is very special. Every family is completely different. I was fortunate to know this family personally, and they were willing to allow me into their home on a Saturday morning. 

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