Product and Branding Photography with Peruvian Classics, a Non Profit

Peruvian hand-made basket

Peruvian Classics, a non profit organization based in Alexandria, Virginia

Peruvian Classics, a non profit organization, shines the light, hope and love of Christ into the streets of Peru by creating an awareness of the plight of Street Children and generating funds to support the expanding ministry efforts of of Scripture Union of Peru.

Profits from the sale of goods goes directly to the street boys ministries of Scripture Union of Peru. Peruvian Classics makes every dollar count to maximize impact with purchases received.

Ben, the creator of Peruvian Classics, wanted help photographing a new product line. I was more than happy to help. Ben allowed me to take many of his products home and work at my own pace in my home studio.

Peruvian hand-made Alpaca neck scarfs

If you love soft Alpaca neck scarfs or simply want the coziest Alpaca blanket ever, then visit Peruvian Classics online shop. It is a great cause. These products are incredibly beautiful and well made.

I know because I spent several weeks with these products. My biggest challenge was keeping them safe from friends and family who admired and wanted to take them away!

Product and Branding Photography | Pamela Kay Photography

Product photography requires space in the home or office. These items need to be stored and opened and placed back into their containers on a regular basis as you are photographing. A method for keeping up with everything such as a written inventory is helpful. You will forget what you have if there are a lot of small items to keep track of.

Product photography is a good choice for any photographer who enjoys working at their own pace without the stress of clients or people in the studio. Be sure and check out my preferred gear if you are looking to purchase equipment.

Working with products in various lighting conditions and at your whim around your schedule can be a refreshing change. It allows you to be creative and test various lighting conditions in your home as well as change backdrops and think through various styling options. You can even work in your pajamas if you want to! Yes, I do this every chance I get.

Watch out if you have animals in your home. A cat will be drawn to an Alpaca blanket for example. Cat hair will show up in a high quality camera and be a real pain if not careful. The Alpaca is so incredibly soft. Does it sound like I might have a cat? I do. She had to stay out of the shooting areas for several weeks which did not make her happy.

If your studio is at home, be careful to take special care of any products you are photographing. Treat items with care. Your client is invested in these products and wants them back in the same condition they were delivered.

Peruvian hand-made Alpaca blanket


Working with Ben was a good experience. I generally am out shooting people and places. It was a real treat to have the ability to work at home during some of the cold weather months. I was more than happy to help out with Peruvian Classics. I think it is a great cause. I hope you will take the time to go and check them out. If you are learning about photography, I suggest you check out my preferred reading. It is a good place to start if you are just starting in the business of photography.

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