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Recently, I had the opportunity to style a wedding photography shoot at The Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas. The Joule is an amazing hotel. It is ranked as a top wedding destination for honeymooners in Dallas, Texas. This was important to me for marketing a shoot on my portfolio from a top site. This hotel has a very artistic vibe with amazing interiors, sculptures, photography, and original works of art. The Joule Hotel is an easy choice for styling a wedding photography shoot.

Using professional models that do not know each other results in photographs that look posed and awkward. These people really do not love each other, and will show in your photography. It takes more time to instruct models who are not already a couple. Unless they are real professionals, they will be unable to capture the look of a real married couple in love. For these reasons, I prefer using married couples when styling a wedding photography shoot.

Benefits of married couples to the photographer

Using married couples as models provide benefits to the photographer. The couple has built-in chemistry together that appears in the final images. This chemistry allows the photographer to focus on technical details of the image rather than forcing expression.

One will know what to say to make the other smile or something silly to say when real laughter is needed to capture a moment. You simply cannot force chemistry on models that do not have a relationship with each other. The final look of the photograph will appear posed.

Married couples are less expensive

Finding models is cheaper when you use a married couple. You can place an ad on Craigslist requesting a trade for professional photography and photographs for the couple. I had hundreds of responses to my styled wedding photography shoot when I offered wedding images and a small payment for services in return for the couple’s time and effort.

Building photography portfolio

A benefit to the photographer is the ability to use the best of photographs in an online portfolio.

Benefits for the married couple

The benefit to the married couple is the ability to obtain beautiful photography in exchange for the time and effort provided to the styled photography shoot. This is a special day for the couple. There are many reasons they may not have the photographs from their original wedding day. Perhaps a child was on the way or they simply did not have the budget for a wedding. You are providing them beautiful wedding photographs they may cherish forever.

Additionally, you are providing them an opportunity to experience something completely different. They are dressed up and having fun. They will have this day as a special memory. Remind them to plan to spend the additional payment you provide them for their time and go out together after and enjoy the rest of the day after the photography shoot. If you are interested in reading more about costs involved, please refer back soon for my blog entry “Styled Wedding Photography Shoot | Costs”.

Finally, the couple should receive payment for the time provided. For two-to-three hours, I provide payment. If you would like to read more about this, please refer back soon for my blog entry “Styled Wedding Photography Shoot | The Importance of Communication”.

Win-Win Experience

The benefit of using married couples as models for portfolio building is a win-win experience for the photographer and the married couple. The photographer may build on his/her body of work and provide these images as marketing materials. The married couple may make some additional money and also be given beautiful photographs that they otherwise may not be able to afford. These images will be cherished by them for many generations.

I look forward to reading your comments on this post. If you would like to be considered for a photoshoot, please contact me. I would love to work something out where we both have a win-win experience. View my online portfolio here.

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