Girl’s Softball in Texas

Girls Softball Game in Texas

Hartley is one cool kid

Hartley is my great niece. She is smart, funny, tough and wise. Hartley is a huntress. She is proficient with a gun or a bow and arrow. She does not scare easily, and she is one tough kid. While visiting my brother, Jim, and his beautiful wife, Judy, in northern Texas, I was lucky enough to be invited to Hartley’s last softball game of the season. It goes without saying I had my Canon 5D Mark IV charged and ready to go.

Arriving at the Texas softball game

I arrived at my brother’s house from the airport pretty late in the afternoon. As soon as I opened the car door on my rental vehicle, my brother said, “Put your stuff in the spare bedroom and get in the truck. We are driving to see Hartley’s last softball game of the season”. I thought I had missed all of Hartley’s softball games of the season. I was really bummed when I missed an opportunity to fly to Texas on a prior softball game and photograph her team. So, this was a nice surprise to know that she had her softball game playoffs tonight on the night of my arriving in Texas.

When we arrived, the girls were getting ready to play. They would be playing off tonight for the season championships. They won the first game of the night. It was hot, and the team was tired. They played hard; however, they lost the second game. And, just like that, the season came to an end.

The last softball game of the season

Capturing moments during this last softball game made me feel proud to be her great Aunt. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did taking them.

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